NSWRFC Compilation video

New South Wales takes 1st and 2nd place at the "Full Metal Carnage 2" event in Brisbane, QLD

The stage was set at The Edge in sunny Southbank for an epic battle. 15 Antweight (150g), 11 mighty Featherweight (13.6kg) and 5 Beetleweight (1.36kg) class robots were out in force over 2 days and with unlimited mayhem.

All robots made a good accounting of themselves, flames and sparks flying and the crowds grew by the minute as a good old NSW vs QLD battle emerged before their eyes!

Demon (left) and Crazy Vaclav (right)
Feather and Beetle weight bots respectively

The Full Metal Carnage 2 Arena
The Edge, Southbank, QLD

After a violent series of heats that almost had Demon honorably disqualified from the event for being outright too dangerous, the finals draw emerged and it was NSW bot vs NSW bot and one of the most classic, terrifying and most exciting combinations for a bout possible; Demon vs Nick Martin's Scissorhands.

Glen Rose from Team Demon Robotics made the seemingly impossible happen. After exhanging violent blows, a few hits to the wheels and possibly some self inflicted damage saw Scissorhands in a vulnerable position and Glen quickly took advantage and shut Scissorhands down with a series of highly damaging blows for a decisive victory and the event trophy. Congratulations to Glen!

Thanks also to event organiser Steve Martin from the Queensland RFC for having us along!

Battleshed '10 - "The Beetleshed" - NSW's premier annual event

Battleshed this year was all about the new and popular class in NSW - the 1.36kg Beetleweights. Featuring six competitors, this one day event saw the third Beetle event in recent NSW history, and the standard of quality has greatly evolved in an exciting fashion since the first only a few months before!

Carbine -Violent Engineering - Benjamin Hayhow

Heat after heat the violence kept coming, and some particularly memorable battles were waged in the Marayong arena. After furious bouts of fighting, most bots were still working throughout the day. In the end, a modified R/C toy called Robopuppy by Courtney Webb won the day, due in no small part to its sheer size! Congratulations Courtney!

Cyberpolice - Team Demon Robots - Glen Rose

NSWRFC announces plans to build portable beetleweight Arena for public events

Following yet another successful round of Marayong Season 7 featuring the all-new Beetleweight class, and with growing the sport a key issue, a descision was reached today by the Board and key members to begin designing and schedule construction with utmost priorty for a new Arena. This would be the first to be attempted since the Marayong arena was completed in 2003.

This new arena is to be constructed to safely house 1.36kg Beetleweights, and smaller classes such as the 150g Antweights. Designs are underway that feature a completely portable segmented construction that can be transported in an average size van, and the usual safety Polycarbonate sheeting and steel frame is expected.

The Club is, to say the least, excited about this new prospect and the opportunities it will bring to grow the sport outside of the Marayong venue by promoting it publically. Stay tuned for further developments!


Marayong Season 8 Round 1

Date: TBC
Location: Marayong, NSW
Format: Open class
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Direct Hit to LiPoly Battery
(Team Demon Robotics - NSW) vs Vendetta (Hellfire Labs - QLD) from "Full Metal Carnage 2" event
The Edge, Southbank, QLD - Nov 2010
High speed 300fps - 10% slow-mo by Daniel Kerrison

Evil Twin vs Bender - Battleshed 2009
A quick and violent fight with titanium sparks flying!
Marayong, NSW - 2009

Sorry vs El Bravo Machina 2003
A nostaligic look at one of the earliest fights recorded in NSW combat robotics history - Sorry vs El Bravo Machina. We have come a long way since then!
Marayong, NSW - 2003

Robotic Combat, immortalised by the popular UK television series "Robot Wars", and the US series "Battlebots", is the sport of building remote controlled robots, fielding them in a combat arena, and fighting to destroy or immobilise competing robots. A sparks flying, gears grinding and full metal mayhem affair, competitors will smash, bash, rip, crush each other or just plain hurl them out of the arena! Featuring creative methods of destruction ranging from innocent but deadly wedges to truly horrifiyingly energetic spinning weapons, to flamethrowers and gas powered flippers, this sport is not for the faint hearted!

The NSWRFC is a not-for profit club created on the 20th February, 2007, to facilitate, for its members, the sport of Robotic combat in NSW, which has been active since 2003.
A member of the international RFL (Robot Fighting League), and uses the standard RFL rule set for competition events unless otherwise indicated by the event organisers.